Creative and Art director

Show Reel

montage of some of my best work


Kiave & Macro Marco “I.O.”

New Music Video for the italian Hip Hop artist Kiave, produced by the world famous dj Macro Marco.

Schermata 2014-07-05 alle 12.58.18

Turi – Testaccia Malata

Testaccia Malata is a mad alter-ego who lurks in the mind of the rapper Turi.
The room where is locked away, is a metaphor for discomfort enclosed within the human soul.



Hand-Made animated music video for the italian indie-rock artist Teresa Mascianà, performing “Don’t Love Me”.


Fabri Fibra – Do you speak english?

Hand-drawing animation for the italian rap-star Fabri Fibra


(AllMyFriendzare) DEAD – Donnie B. Good

From the album “BLACK BLOOD BOOM” performed by the Rock ‘n’ Roll band (AllMyFriendzAre) DEAD.

Donnie B. Good

Planet Funk ft Giuliano Sangiorgi – Ora il mondo è perfetto

To create this “perfect world” we filmed the Sumagashi technique, an antique Japanese practice which allows for the creation of delicate and unique shapes on a flat water surface using ink and a fine calligraphy brush.