Hand-Made animated music video for the italian indie-rock artist Teresa Mascianà, performing “Don’t Love Me”.


Mini – John Cooper Works

Launch Campaign, Shanghai Autoshow 2013
China launch campaign for the new line of sporting cars “JCW”, Premiere at Shanghai Autoshow 2013.
An history video about the creator of the legendary Mini Cooper, and revolutionary innovations that changed the history of motor racing.


Building the people’s car

Volkswagen created a 10-part online series where they invited the top automotive design students in China to compete and build the People’s Car. 2013 Cannes Gold Lion in Branded content and Entertainment.

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Made On Ident

developing the communication of Made on Studio, I created this ident trying to synthesize the philosophy of the brand, giving my personal touch.



Illustration print / Concept Art


Hong Kong – Occupy Central

Protests in Hong Kong are compared to Tiananmen by the international press. I made this illustration revisiting the old “Red Guards” prints.


Point of You

There are so many ways and different perspectives to see things from…

Point of You

The Weird Love Series

[…] Love can be a bargaining chip, a blackmail weapon, source of deliverance and a sweet slavery, but it always exposes us to dangers and reveals our deepest nature. The power relation it implies can also turn into a game, and games can be fun and painful at the same time […]

"Greatest Tits"

I remember the night when I met you…

This kind of love implies irony, to be intended as removal from conventional sense and easy interpretations, and a good dose of sarcasm, sharp as the knife blades of some of the plates, about the side effects of love and its commodification


The Loop of Love

[...] the essentially human struggle of facing the repetitiveness of ones own romantic experiences; the frustration and simultaneous exhilaration of a cycle always beginning anew [...]

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Turi – Testaccia Malata

Testaccia Malata is a mad alter-ego who lurks in the mind of the rapper Turi.
The room where is locked away, is a metaphor for discomfort enclosed within the human soul.


Slava Ukraini – слава Україні

We share the joy of a people who have fought for their sovereignty and conquered it. We are in awe at their strength. But this joy is tainted with blood, and we mourn the sacrifice.
Long live the free Ukraine, and RIP to its heroes. #Slavaukraini



Free-time sketches and from life drawings


La Moustache Sauvage

collection of various illustrations and posters for events, exhibitions and entertainment

Hard to Handle

Behance Portfolio Review – Rome

For Rome’s first Behance Portfolio Review, I was chosen with Made On Studio to create the official video introducing this exciting event.